The Future

Following a move to a larger maintenance facility, Jetworks Limited are developing further supporting services to offer Operators.

Storage and care and maintenance;- Jetworks Limited have aircraft storage facilities, either in heated and ventilated hangar bays, or in secure outside apron areas. Full care and maintenance, preservation programmes, engine ground running and system function checks can be carried out and recorded.

Continuing Airworthiness Management;-  The Part M and Technical Records department is being expanded to develop further supporting activities for Operators, the preparation of Approved Maintenance Programmes, Minimum Equipment List manuals, aircraft status reports, the recommendations for issuing Airworthiness Review Certificates, management of records using CAMP systems are currently being developed.

Off Shore Registry Support;-  Jetworks Limited specialise in the management of non-member state registered aircraft, carrying out management functions of aircraft registered on the Bermudan, Cayman and Isle of Man Register, with the introduction of new off shore registries such as the Guernsey and San Marino Aircraft Registries, Jetworks Limited have the capabilities to provide a complete Registration service to Operators.

Based Operators;- Jetworks Limited have office facilities available for use by based Operators, full fax, internet and administration services together with office accommodation are available. Full 24/7 aircraft handling is available, bonded stores available for customers parts and materials, rest facilities for visiting pilots.

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