Jetworks continue to offer our bespoke maintenance approach to our customers, focusing on the Dassault Falcon products of which we have a wealth of experience on and successfully completing new maintenance challenges with the owners interests in mind.

2018 saw many interesting AOG’s rectified world wide including Australia and Southern America where support is limited, with no delays to the aircrafts schedule, proving ourselves both dynamic and efficient. Jetworks also represented two long term customers interests during 2C inspections carried out in the USA, both of which went smoothly with no major issues. Jetworks also managed both of these aircrafts 1C inspections at the same facility.

2019 we look inwards, works have begun to improve our base facility in Bournemouth both cosmetically and practically while maintaining our unparalleled levels of service to our customers. We are implementing cloud based software with both our inventory and quality control processes allowing more efficient control and compliance.