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Laurie Welham is the founder of Jetworks Limited, the Accountable Manager and Maintenance Manager. With over 40 years' experience of executive jet maintenance, holding an EASA Part 66 B1, C licence and an FAA A&P licence, Laurie has extensive experience in the maintenance management of AOC operated aircraft including the Falcon 7X and 2000EX EASy aircraft.

Tim Gibbs is the Quality Manager, with 47 years' experience of aircraft maintenance, airworthiness and quality systems, holding a Part 66 B1,B2,C licence with a wide range of aircraft types. Tim has 10 years' experience as a Part 145/M Quality Manager and has 5 years' experience as an Airworthiness Surveyor for the Isle of Man Registry.

Alex Welham is the Line Maintenance Superintendent with 10 years' experience at all levels of maintenance. Alex has good communication skills with the customers and day-to-day he is the main point of contact as well as carrying out Base/Line maintenance. Alex currently holds and FAA A+P/IA Inspectors Authority and is working towards his EASA licence.

Gareth Pearse Is the Hangar supervisor at the Bournemouth facility, Gareth keeps a nice tidy hangar and holds a part 66 B1 and C licence. Gareth has extensive business jet experience as well as commercial and military. He’s been in the aircraft industry for 37 years and has worked for Harrods aviation, netjets and royal flight amongst other companies.

Derek Pearman is the Technical Records Manager, with over 25 years' experience in the continuing airworthiness management and technical records control of executive business jets, Derek specialises in the management of Hawker and Falcon types, having previously worked in large business jet maintenance facilities in an airworthiness role.

Greg Welham is a part 66 licenced B1 engineer and has recently completed the falcon 2000 EX EASy B1/B2 initial training type course in Bordeaux. He will now complete practical training in house over the next few months. Greg also has good customer communication skills and will assist Alex with the Line as well as base maintenance.

Paul Stokes is an aircraft maintenance engineer with over 25 years' experience working on rotary and fixed wing military aircraft. Paul is gaining business jet experience and is working towards his qualification for an EASA Part 66 B1 licence.

Anne Welham is the Accounts Manager with 17 years experience at Jetworks.

Katy Pfeiffer is the stores inspector, Katy also takes on a lot of other job roles as well as assisting Anne with invoicing. Katy has worked in aviation for a number of years.

The Jetworks Inspectors have received manufacturer's aircraft type training and all employees carry out in house continuation training covering latest airworthiness and technical subjects. Jetworks Limited current Inspector staffing levels are 8 Licenced Engineers supported by 4 trained mechanical and avionic technicians.

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